Senior Software Developer – Plateau Mont-Royal South Central

Work independently and as part of a software development team taking responsibility for solving big challenges. Understand the goals of the company around quality and engineering discipline and participate in code reviews at the team level. Great at turning ideas into code, and making that code usable by your teammates, and the company. Propose and implement technical solutions to problems and deliver to customers, taking end-to-end responsibility for the design and efficient high-quality delivery of one or more components. Looks ahead, finds and avoids pitfalls for the team. Eagerly learn and apply new cutting-edge technologies like functional programming, distributed computing, machine learning, advance data engineering, and serverless computing. Contribute to our engineering culture and ever-improving concept of engineering best practices Requirements Logical and systematic problem-solving skills. Ability to work collaboratively and effectively in small teams and cross-functional environments. Experience and knowledge of an appropriate combination of technologies and concepts such as: Programming languages such as Java, Javascript and Typescript Architectural concepts such as microservices and separation of concerns Development tools such as Git and Jira UI frameworks such as React and Web Components Web technologies such as CSS, HTML, browser performance and security Development frameworks such as Spring Boot and Node.js/Express Container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes Database technologies such as SQL, noSQL and in-memory Cloud technologies such as AWS Operating frameworks such as Apache Mesos, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, and Amazon Kinesis 6+ years of experience and a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field is preferred. Understand the software development process and how their work contributes to the larger goals. Experience working with a team on large projects. Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field is preferred