Inventory Coordinator

Zeemac Vehicle Lease provides the full range of fleet services, including vehicle leasing, rental, maintenance, pre-owned sales, and telematics. Zeemac takes on a customized approach as they have one of the largest selection of brands, and the service and technology which allows for them to optimize their client experience. Job Summary: The Inventory coordinator is responsible for the final preparation of all new and used vehicles to be leased or rented and re-marketed. The handling of recondition of all vehicles that come off lease. Work with body shops to insure all repairs are completed. Duties and Responsibilities: -Ensure all vehicles either being delivered or checked in have been accounted for through Zoho Creator App, reports have been emailed to the customer and client care and AEs have been advised of any charge backs. -Coordinate check-ins with service to insure inspections are completed. Work with service for any charge backs to the customers. May require off site appraisals for leases coming up for expiration from time to time. -Manage all vehicles that are being detailed off-site either for delivery, check-in or buy-in, in a timely manner. -Manage and control detail shop supplies. -Control costs for chargebacks to the customers by getting multiple body quotes -Keep the lot clean and tidy, both front and rear area (do a walk around for garbage, etc.) -Providing support to all departments by following proper procedures -Inventory security management- vehicle keys, lot damage, etc. reported to Your direct report -Building & gate locked up if the last one leaves/ alarm set (check space heaters, door locks both internal/ external etc.) -Keep an up to date forklift license and worksafe license. Requirements Must have knowledge of computers and excel programs Drivers license with clean abstract Okay working outside as this role does require working in the elements Body shop knowledge a plus, but not required $40,000 to $50,00 salary with 2 weeks holidays plus benefits Regular hours:Monday to Friday, 8:30am 5:00pm