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Advertising on Expertini.Com

Thanks for looking forward to advertise on Expertini.Com

Currently our systems uses Google advertisement platform. Google is responsible for selling Banner ads on Expertini. You can buy the inventory by buying Google Adwords and targeting Expertini.
If you don’t have an account, you can create one at Google Adwords. If you already have an account,
use the instructions below to target your ads on Expertini.
Add a new campaign
Log into your Google Adwords account. To create a campaign on Expertini, select "Campaigns" from the menu,
then click on "New campaign".

Campaign settings
Complete the campaign information. To create a campaign on Expertini.Com, select the "Networks" options marked on the image.

Create ad group
Complete the ad information.

Select managed placements
Under "Placements" section, enter "".

Bidding High
We recomment you to bid from $5.00 CPC to $10.00 make sure your ad appears on Expertini and again high visibility.
We look forward to brand your company and make your business rich new heights with our wide range of users who comes from various dimensions.

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